Several State Officials Voice Support for Mike Moser

COLUMBUS – Nebraska’s longest serving Governor Dave Heineman, as well as Former Speaker Mike Flood and Columbus Mayor Jim Bulkley were among many showing their support for Mike Moser on Tuesday.

Several local officials from the Columbus City Council and Platte County Board were in attendance for Mike Moser’s legislative campaign celebration, along with multiple former State Senators, and Regent Jim Pillen.

“We’ve served together for 12 years in the council, and he always has had Columbus’ best interest at heart, and Mike’s willing to put time forward, effort forward, and we just need to make sure the rest of the district understands that,” says Bulkley.

Moser is running for the District 22 Legislative seat, to replace Paul Schumacher.

“By electing [Mike Moser] to the legislature, Columbus is going to have a strong an honest voice in the legislature. Somebody that has Columbus and District 22’s best interest at heart. From Humphrey to Pilger and all the different towns that are in your legislative district,” says Flood.

“I guarantee you he will do his homework. He will listen to all of you, and then he’s not afraid to make a tough decision,” says Heineman

“We’ve got some issues to work on, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. You know I’m concerned about it, I want to work on it, and I want [the District 22 residents] input on what we should be doing and what things you support. I’m looking forward to getting to work with the other senators and try to find solutions to bring the state forward,” says Moser.

A forum for all four District 22 candidates will be held on Wednesday night at Wunderlich’s in east Columbus at 7 p.m.. The forum is being hosted by the Nebraska Farm Bureau.