Senators Fischer and Thune Visit Norfolk, Talk Tax Plan and Trade

**Excerpts from the interview are posted below**

NORFOLK — Two US Senators got authentic feedback from northeast Nebraskans on Tuesday.

Republicans Deb Fischer of Nebraska and John Thune of South Dakota visited with business and education leaders in Norfolk before touring Love Signs’ facility in the afternoon.

Fischer says they received valuable input from talking with management of the Norfolk business.

“To be able to have discussions with business owners and also family people that are looking at tax reform and the help they’re seeing from that,” Fischer said.  “It’s a good message that we’re receiving.”

Thune made the trip because he thinks Nebraskans are facing similar issues to South Dakotans.  He says he supports Fischer, who is up for re-election this year, because it’s nice to have common sense people in the Senate.

He says the trip south showed him that businesses are hopeful because of the new federal tax plan.

“Small businesses in Nebraska and places like South Dakota are hopeful,” Thune said.  “That’s a good thing for workers in our states because that means the businesses are expanding and investing and that means higher paying jobs.”

Fischer said one concern she picked up from Nebraskans is talk of a trade war.  She says she agrees with President Trump that the country should try to get the best deals but doesn’t want it to be at the expense of existing deals.

“But we can’t lose sight of the fact that we have some pretty good trade deals already in certain areas,” Fischer said.  “We want to make sure we can keep those, especially for our ag products.”