Runza on Military Undergoing Full Infrastructure Remodel

FREMONT – A favorite downtown institution since the early 70’s is undergoing a major infrastructure facelift.

The Runza restaurant at the corner of Military and Park Avenues in Fremont has been open since the early 70s, and the original infrastructure is still there. “We had to gut the building, for the most part,” said owner Jeff Walker.

Today, crews are cutting in new plumbing. The bulk of the work will be to areas that customers won’t see: basic infrastructure like outdated plumbing and electrical will be first up on the remodel. The bathrooms will be updated to be fully ADA accessible, as well.  The Runza kitchen area will receive new refrigeration and hood systems to bring that area into the modern age.

The dining room was refreshed as recently as 2015, but that area will also get some updating with new tile, decor and counter tops.

“It’s a dirty mess right now, but hopefully we’ll be back at [serving diners] in two to three weeks,” said Walker. “A lot of it is based upon unknowns: what we find under these floors and what we uncover. We’re planning for two to three weeks, at this point.”