Repairs in Sight for Fremont Opera House

Repairs in Sight for Fremont Opera House
This picture shows the north side wall of the Opera House. This area will require additional structural support.

FREMONT – The Fremont Opera house was recently red tagged for structural review after a north facing exterior wall began to show signs that it needed repair. Tuesday, Fremont Opera House Manager, Chris Bristol met with construction and engineering experts to tackle that job.

“On Tuesday afternoon, we met with Raime Fauss of Fauss Construction and Vance Behrens from the Structual Design Group in Lincoln,” said Bristol, “and we did a thorough look through the building and outside the building. Vance Behrens […] came up with a plan on-site – he’s got a lot of experience with historic buildings in Lincoln, Beatrice and other places.”

According to Bristol, Behrens has already drawn up schematics and architectural drawings to plan the needed support for the outer wall. Those plans have been passed on to Raime Fauss at Fauss Construction, who will work with his contacts to get the necessary components manufactured to create a supportive stanchion that will secure the brick wall.

The building does remain red tagged for just a while longer. “The city is looking for our structural engineer to write a letter saying that the building is safe, and Vance Behrens, the structural engineer is willing to do that, I believe, once we get the reinforcement in place.” Bristol hopes that the events scheduled in May will be held without issue.

The Fremont Opera House has been part of the Dodge County landscape for 130 years – with such dedicated stewardship, it should be around for many more years to come.



Listen to Chris Bristol’s full comments to Walnut Radio:¬†