Red Cross Rock n’ Roll Up Your Sleeve Returns Monday & Tuesday

FREMONT – The Rock n’ Roll up your sleeve blood drive has been a great opportunity to donate blood and help save lives for over 20 years. July 22nd and 23rd, Fremont will have its opportunity to chip in.

Blood supplies run low every summer, as donations drop off and previously donated blood reaches its shelf life – donated blood remains viable under refrigeration for just 45 days. After that, if the blood hasn’t been used, it can’t be. When blood products run low, surgeries and life-saving transfusions can’t be performed. “I had heard of a young boy, unfortunately, lose about 100 units of blood,” said Kyle Jensen, Red Cross Account Manager, “But fortunately he was able to receive that many units [transfused back] from donations.”

The Red Cross of the Midwest is hoping to raise 170 units from Fremont donations on Monday the 22nd, and an additional 92 units on Tuesday. Right now, there are only 77 donations scheduled for Monday’s drive, and 52 people scheduled for Tuesday. Donors are sorely needed to get blood products into hospitals during the summer slow down.

Some donors give at nearly every chance they have, like Wanda Samson. Wanda has been giving blood since 1972, and next week, she’ll make the donation that brings her total to 28 gallons of blood donated. “It feels good to give,” she said. “I really like to give every two months. If I’m not [at a blood drive] they wonder where I am!”

Whether you’re making your 224th donation like Wanda, or you’ve never donated before, you can help save people’s lives by donating blood. To schedule your donation, go to, click on Make Your Appointment, and enter “RockNRollChristensen” for the Sponsor Code. You can also make a donation appointment by calling Kyle at (402) 910-0681 or Barb Busche at (402) 659-1951.