Prostitution Scheme Ended by FPD Investigation

FREMONT — The Fremont Police are actively investigating a case of prostitution and executed a search and arrest warrant in downtown Fremont yesterday.

Multiple “Confidential Informants” were listed on the search warrant, having provided reliable information to police that initiated the investigation. Multiple informants confirmed to police that sex acts were being exchanged for money over the last year in a downtown massage parlor.

Patrons reportedly arrived in vehicles bearing license plates from all over the Midwest, and investigators found a listing and reviews for the Fremont massage parlor on a known prostitution-promoting website, adding evidence to the case. Police put surveillance cameras in the area and identified multiple “patrons,” including some men on the sex offenders registry or with a history of assault.

The investigation remains ongoing, involving many different policing agencies, including federal agencies. Because of this, there’s a limit to what information police can release. “It is an active investigation,” said Lieutenant Ed Watts, Lieutenant of Professional Standards for the Fremont Police Department, “and we have no further comment on it at this time.”

The massage parlor’s owner, 52-year-old Xiao Hu was arrested. She will face multiple felony charges, and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed a detainer on her for their own investigation.