Popular Scams on the Rise Again; Two Defrauded for Thousands

FREMONT – Two Fremont residents were defrauded of thousands of dollars yesterday, as scam artists that may or may not be connected preyed upon their family ties to bilk them out of their hard earned money.

Yesterday around 1:00PM, a Fremont resident reported a fraud resulting in the loss of $1500.00.  The victim was called on the phone by a man who identified himself as a Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputy.  The victim was told her husband had outstanding warrants for his arrest but that in lieu of him being taken into custody they could pay a fine of $1500.00.  She obtained gift cards in the amount of $1500.00 and provided the card numbers to the alleged Deputy and later realized it was a scam.

Later that same day, at approximately 6:45PM another Fremont resident reported a fraud resulting in the loss of even more money – $2000.00.  The victim reported she was called by someone that she believed was a family member who had been arrested and needed money for bail.  The victim was instructed to send $4000.00 by wire transfer which she did. The victim realized she had been scammed and was able to recover $2000.00 of the money she sent.

There are no suspects in either crime. Be vigilant when anyone calls you for money – if a friend or family member appears to be seeking bail money, for example, ask them a question that only they would have the answer to. Things like the name of a first pet, elementary school teacher, and other “security questions” are a good start, but many scammers get information from their target’s social media. Get detailed – ask the person for their address, social security number, blood type and for other pieces of information that are more difficult for scammers to obtain.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and it’s deputies will never ask for fine or bail money over the phone – if someone is representing themselves as an officer of the law and they’re pressuring you to wire or otherwise provide funds over the phone, hang up, document the phone caller’s telephone number and call the Dodge County Sheriff’s office at 402-727-2702.