Pond Near Wilber Clatonia High School Being Drained as Part of Search for Sydney Loofe

Pond Near Wilber Clatonia High School Being Drained as Part of Search for Sydney Loofe
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Authorities have launched a large search in Saline and Gage Counties in connection to 24-year-old Sydney Loofe’s disappearance.

Lincoln Police Public Information Officer Angela Sands said searches are being conducted on Wednesday by the Gage County Sherriff’s Office, Saline County Sheriff’s Office, United States Marshals Service, Nebraska State Patrol, Lincoln Police Department and the FBI.

Police and sheriff’s deputies from Saline County along with Lincoln Police were on scene at multiple locations in and around Wilber. One was just northwest of the high school. The other was along County Road 2000, near the Turkey Creek.

Wednesday night a spokesperson for the Big Blue Natural Resource District said authorities asked them to drain the pond on the edge of the City of Wilber. The spokesperson told 10/11 they were told it’s to get a look at the dam.

People who live near the pond said crews arrived around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon and as of 11:00 p.m. crews were still on scene draining water.

A person on scene told 10/11 all the crew members draining the water are part of Wilber Fire & Rescue. He said they’ve drained hundreds of thousands of gallons of water so far. The crew member said they have only been instructed to drain the pond and have not been given any other instructions.

Sands added in the statement investigators are searching for any evidence that may help locate Loofe, who was reported missing on Nov. 16.

“If you see law enforcement officers searching, we ask that you avoid the area to avoid disruptions to the search. Sydney’s family and law enforcement are diligently working to locate her and encourage anyone with information on her whereabouts to call LPD at 402.441.6000,” Sands said in the statement.

Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said Tuesday the last confirmed sighting of Loofe was in Wilber on Nov. 15, but did not give a location as to where she was seen.

“The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are concerning,” Bliemeister said.

Bliemeister said there is additional information the department has, but is not releasing due to the sensitivity of the investigation.

On Wednesday, two persons of interest in the case released a video titled “our side of it” on Facebook.

The video, which was posted to the ‘Finding Sydney Loofe’ Facebook group but has since been deleted, features what appears to be Bailey Boswell, 23, and Aubrey Trail, 51, sitting in a car talking about the disappearance of Sydney Loofe.

The two say in the video Boswell went on two dates with Sydney, and last saw her when she dropped her off at a friend’s house following the second date on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

“We’re not trying to defend anything we’re not trying to make you believe anything we just feel we should get to say our side since everyone else gets to say theirs,” Trail and Boswell say in the video.

Lincoln Police named Trail and Boswell as persons of interest in the case on Tuesday morning.

It is unknown where Trail and Boswell are located, but say in the video they have contacted Lincoln Police and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, but not have not yet heard back.

The FBI said it will hold a joint press conference with other law enforcement at the Lincoln Police Department headquarters Thursday morning at 8:45.