Police Detain Student For Nebraska City School Threat

NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City Police Cpt. Lonnie Neeman says a student has been detained for suspicion of making threats that sent schools into lock down and prompted a door-to-door search by law enforcement.

Neeman: “This morning about 10 o’clock the Otoe County Sheriff’s Office received call saying there was a threat at the middle school involving one of the …. That they were, a student, or a person was in the hallway and was threatening to shoot a teacher there at the middle school.”

He said the sheriff’s office overhead a school intercom notification that about a lock out and police realized the call had originated from the high school.

Neeman said the day’s events prompted numerous rumors on social media, but there never was discovery of an actual weapon in the schools. He said a student is being detained.

Neeman: “We’ve recovered the cell phone that we believe was used in this matter, and it would belong to this student that is being detained.”

He said the cell phone was located after the students were removed from the high school.

Neeman said a woman detained earlier in the day is suspected of making a threat at a Nebraska City business, but is not a suspect in the school threat.