Pickup Jackknifes, Rolls Over on Platte River Bridge

Pickup Jackknifes, Rolls Over on Platte River Bridge
The driver of this pickup was trapped inside until crews could free him. He was able to walk away from the accident.

FREMONT – A single vehicle accident on the Platte River Bridge south of Fremont yesterday looked much worse than it could’ve actually been.

The driver of a Ford F150 hauling a flat bed trailer loaded with a John Deere tractor was southbound on highway 77 yesterday afternoon, when the load became unbalanced. Wind could also have been a factor, as could have speed. Whatever the root cause, the truck and trailer began to fishtail, eventually jackknifing.

The truck was forced onto its driver’s side, trapping the driver within. The trailer bearing the tractor hopped the bridge’s guard rail, but thankfully, did not topple over. “Had the trailer gone over, the truck could have been dragged down with it,” said one onlooker. “That didn’t happen, fortunately.”

Emergency crews responded to the accident and were able to extricate the driver from the wreckage of the F150. The unnamed driver was taken to Methodist Fremont Health Hospital. Although no condition information is available, Dodge County Sheriff’s  Deputy Sladky said that the driver was in okay shape after the wreck. “He was able to walk into the ambulance,” Deputy Sladky said.