Perpetual Book Sale Expands into Dave’s Drive In Location

FREMONT – Jeff Rise has been a friend of the Keene Memorial Library for a long time, often helping out at the annual sale, moving books for the group and volunteering throughout the year.

Recently, Rise approached the Friends of the Keene Memorial Library with a proposal: what if they could have a miniature version of the annual book sale that ran all year round? And so, the Perpetual Book Sale at Dave’s Drive-In was born. “He saw [the library’s] little tiny perpetual sale inside the library, and he thought ‘you know, I could put shelves in my drive through liquor store, and we could have a bigger sale there.’ So, he hand built shelves that cover the entire south wall of the building,” according to Tina Walker, library director.

Taking up a long wall in Dave’s Drive In Liquor, Rise will now offer children’s books, fiction and nonfiction books for sale all year round. Proceeds will still benefit the Friends of Keene Memorial Library in their mission to supplement and support the local library.

“You can get a beverage and you can get a book, and donate to the friends of the library all at the same time.”