Over Two Thousand Citations were Issued in 2016 for Traffic Violations

FREMONT – In 2016 Fremont Police issued 2,218 citations for traffic violations.

According to the department’s Annual Report for 2016, there were 976 citations for hazardous violations and 1,242 citations for non-hazardous violations. Lt. Kurt Bottorff with the Fremont Police Department broke down the difference on what makes a violation hazardous or non-hazardous.

“We consider hazardous violations as defined by motor vehicle law, which directly relates to the operation of the motor vehicle in an unsafe manner,” explained Lt. Bottorff. “A non-hazardous violation is usually involving the condition of the vehicle, ownership of the vehicle, and the rights of the driver and the occupants of the vehicle to operate the vehicle itself.”

Some examples of non-hazardous violations include driving during suspension, license/registration violations, no proof of ownership or insurance, and seat belt/child restraint. The highest number of citations issued for a non-hazardous violation was for license/registration violations with 530. The second highest was 327 for operator license violations.

Hazardous violations can include careless driving, failure to stay in lane, reckless driving, speeding, racing on highways, and violating school bus signals. Lt. Bottorff says speeding was and usually always is the biggest hazardous violation the department sees.

“It’s hands down one of the biggest violations. In 2016 we saw 661, which is kind of common. In 2015 we had 672 and then back in 2014 it was 659,” said Lt. Bottorff. “And that has always been the highest one in the last three years. Second would be disobeying a traffic control signals and signs.”

Lt. Bottorff says of all the different violations the ones the department strives to caution citizens against is driving impaired, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt.

“Those are actions you can take to avoid a serious situation. Now if you operate your vehicle in a careless manner or a willful reckless manner, you can avoid that as well,” said Lt. Bottorff. “But when you put yourself as impaired, or you just do not buckle up, that’s something that can be avoided, and it does not take any effort whatsoever. So we really focus on impaired driving, speeding, as well as safety belts.”

The full annual report and lists of traffic violations can be found online at www.fremontne.gov.