Over 150 Arrests Made by Dodge County Sheriff’s Office in December

FREMONT – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has released their statistics for the month of December.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies made 154 arrests last month. One arrest was made for the crimes of Felony Theft, Stolen Property, and Vandalism. Two arrests were made for the crimes of Misdemeanor Assault, Misdemeanor Theft, and Weapons, and six arrests were made for Offense Against Family/Children.

Deputies made ten arrests for Driving under the Influence, 11 for Driving during Suspension/Revocation, and 19 for Liquor Law Violations. 42 arrests were made for crimes involving drugs, and 57 arrests were made for other crimes.

Deputies with the sheriff’s office also dealt with one case involving the offenses of Misdemeanor Assault, Offense Against Family/Children, and Runaways/Missing Persons. There were two cases involving the crime of Misdemeanor Theft, and four involving the offense of Felony Theft.

The sheriff’s office also handed out 96 traffic stations and gave 177 traffic warnings. Deputies also gave 44 equipment warnings. 28 warrants were served in December, and the office received 237 calls. Deputies handled 30 criminal complaints and assisted 21 motorists.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office also responded to 22 vehicle accidents, 16 involving property damage with the other six involving personal injury. Some of the contributing circumstances to those accidents involved driving too fast for conditions, failure to yield right of way, following too closely, and failure to keep in proper lane. Other factors involved weather conditions and vision obstruction.