One Stolen Car, Two High Speed Chases and a Subject Still at Large

FREMONT – The early morning peace was disrupted on Monday as the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office attempted to apprehend a stolen vehicle, resulting in a high speed chase through the city of Fremont.

Just after 5AM, a Dodge County Sheriff’s deputy clocked a 2011 Subaru Outback at 94 miles an hour on Old Highway 275 near Schilke Fields. When the deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop for speeding, the driver of the Outback accelerated instead of stopping and raced toward Fremont. The deputy gave chase in a short pursuit, but after about three minutes, the vehicle was out of sight near Military & Johnson Road.

However, the driver never slowed down enough to avoid police attention, and it was just a few minutes later, at 5:18AM, that another DCSO deputy caught sight of the Outback. This time, the speeder was spotted near the 275 bypass at Luther Road, traveling westbound at now 96 miles an hour. The second deputy again tried to initiate a traffic stop, but the car took off once more at a high rate of speed into Fremont.

Another pursuit ensued, this time lasting about five minutes, before the second deputy also lost sight of the vehicle near the intersection of Military and Somers.

Around 5:30AM, a vehicle matching the description of the twice-pursued Subaru Outback was reported in the ditch on Highway 275 near Lucius Street with one or two male parties having exited the vehicle and fleeing on foot to the northeast. Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene and searched the vehicle with the assistance of their K9 unit.

The vehicle was discovered to have been stolen from an Omaha address. The occupant or occupants of that vehicle are still at large.