Omaha Insurance Company Will Disburse Kitchen Necessities in Winslow Tonight

Omaha, NE – WoodmenLife associates will be distributing household items to flood-impacted residents in Winslow tonight. The organization has purchased 100 each of basic household items such as microwaves, pots and pans, silverware, cups, and sets of dishes to help flood victims get back to a sense of normalcy by helping them set up their kitchens.

The distribution will take place at the Winslow, NE Fire Hall tonight, May 14 from 4-6:00 pm.

Funds for the event were raised by the NE/IA WoodmenLife Regional Office and local chapters. The group raised over $100,000 to help area flood victims. The organization has recently conducted similar distribution events for flood victims in Glenwood, IA and Fremont, NE, and a similar event is being planned in upcoming days for Hamburg, IA.