Officials Say Two Threats Caused NC School Lock Down

NEBRASKA CITY – Officials are reporting two separate incidents of threats Thursday that triggered a lock down of Nebraska City schools for over three hours.

The first threat was allegedly made by a Nebraska  City woman at a local business and involved the middle school.

Police Cpt. Lonnie Neeman said law enforcement was told there  was someone in the hallway with a gun who would shoot a teacher.

While police were securing  the middle school, a student at the high school called the police dispatcher with a new threat against a teacher.

The dispatcher could hear a school intercom announce the lock down, so police were able to determine the call came from the high school.

Superintendent Jeff Edwards said the timing of the threats made it seem they were together, but they were separate.

Once students were evacuated, police found a cell phone involved in making the call. A teenager at the high school has been detained.

Neeman: “We’ve recovered the cell phone that we believe was used in this matter, and it would belong to this student that is being detained.”

The police response involved armed officers, on and off-duty entering the building. State troopers provided an aerial patrol.  Capt. Neeman said officers went room to room to check for threats.

Edwards said it does not appear that either individual had a weapon on campus or were in a position to carry out their threats.

Cpt. Neeman said a broken door at the middle school was made by a parent upset about the lock down and not by an intruder.