NWS Tornado Warning Test Coming Up in Late March

FREMONT – The National Weather Service will get us all in a spring mood by conducting a Test Tornado Drill on Wednesday, March 27th.

The National Weather Service will conduct the test as if it were a real Tornado Warning. If we have actual severe weather in the area on the day of the test, it will be postponed to Thursday, March 28th or Friday, March 29th.

At 10AM on March 27th, the Storm Prediction Center will issue a Test Tornado Watch for all counties in Iowa and Nebraska.  The test message will be sent through the Emergency Alert System and will be broadcast as if it were a real Tornado Watch. The test watch will be valid for one hour.

Shortly after, Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) that serve Nebraska and Iowa will issue a Test Tornado Warning for their respective counties. During this time, you may hear tornado sirens being tested, as well. Next, WFOs will issue Severe Weather Statements, also as a test, in order to cancel their tornado warnings.

This particular test will not activate the Wireless Emergency Alert messaging system on cell phones.