North Bend Residents Meet to Discuss Flood Effort Coordination, Distribute Information

NORTH BEND – About 1,000 residents from the North Bend area attended a community meeting at the North Bend Central High School’s Tiger Arena last night to hear the latest on the status of their homes from city officials.

North Bend water and sewer operator announced that North Bend’s water has been tested and is once more safe to drink. The sewer system is usable, but remains clogged with debris in parts – so, for now, residents are limited to quick showers and are urged to flush toilets sparingly.

A debris and garbage collections site has been set up for the North Bend area, and residents can bring their refuse to the parking apron west of the swimming pool on Locust street. The collection site will be open until April 7th. Three Rivers Health Department will be giving tetanus shots, free of charge, at North Bend Central High School today, Wednesday 3/20, from 10AM to 1PM – anyone working in floodwaters is strongly encouraged to make sure their tetanus shot is up to date.

For garbage pickup in North Bend, Waste Connections will make a residential pickup on Thursday, March 21. S2 will make its waste pickup on Friday, March 22.

North Bend Central Schools remains closed indefinitely. School activities and practices are also on hold, with the exception of the Speech Team headed to State. North Bend Central’s prom will be held as scheduled – at North Bend Central on March 30th.

The General Command Center, Volunteer Check-In, and Donation and Distribution Site for North Bend residents are all located at North Bend Central High School. For any general questions, call (402) 919-2337. If you want to volunteer in North Bend, provide equipment for clean up or volunteer your time for clean up, call (402) 919-3976. For donations or distribution of supplies, please call (402) 919-3976.