Norfolk Selects New City Engineer/Public Works Director

NORFOLK — The interim tag is getting removed and additional responsibilities are being added to Steven Rames’ plate.

The City of Norfolk announced in a news release today that it selected Rames as its new Public Works Director and City Engineer. He was serving as the interim City Engineer.

Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning says he is excited to have Rames officially in the city administration.

“He really demonstrated the very characteristics that we strive to reflect in our service to the city: openness, vision, creativity,” Moenning said.

Moenning also praised Rames’ experience. He has previously served as Senior Engineer at the South Dakota Department of Transportation, as a Project Manager in California and as the Director of Project Management and Engineering at South Dakota State University.

Rames has some goals for taking over the two positions.

“Looking at the city’s current standards they have in place for their public works infrastructure, strengthening those where we can to help improve the longevity of the systems that we are going to be putting into place over the next several years,” Rames said.

Rames is succeeding John Heine as City Engineer and Dennis Smith as Public Works Director. So with Rames taking over both positions, he will oversee the city’s utility departments and have the final say on engineering decisions.

Rames says it’s not uncommon for the positions to be fused together.

“They really work together,” Rames said. “It depends on the individual’s experience and history as to whether or not they can function in those two roles.”

Rames will be brought forward for appoint by the City Council at it’s meeting on Monday.