Norfolk Police Cite Eight Businesses for Selling to Minors

NORFOLK – Authorities in Norfolk have cited multiple stores for selling alcohol to minors.

Norfolk Police say a recent two-week compliance check of about 60 businesses turned up eight separate instances of alcohol being sold to a minor. That’s just over 13% of the businesses checked.

Norfolk Police Capt. Don Miller says the employees were cited for selling to a minor in each case and the businesses have been forwarded on to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

The eight businesses are listed below:

Applebee’s, 700 S 13thStreet, Norfolk, NE
Pizza Hut North, 910 W Benjamin Ave, Norfolk, NE
Mel’s Bar, 520 E Norfolk Ave., Norfolk, NE
Uncle Jarrol’s, 2610 W Norfolk Ave., Norfolk, NE
5th Street Bar, 500 W Norfolk Ave, Norfolk, NE
Hy-Vee West Gas, 2310 Market Lane, Norfolk, NE
Cubby’s, 1303 Ta Ha Zouka Road, Norfolk, NE
Casey’s, 1020 S. 13th Street, Norfolk, NE
Norfolk Police obtained a grant from the Healthy Communities Initiative and the Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department, to offset the costs of the enforcement.