Norfolk Forming Beautification Task Force

NORFOLK — Community pride starts with how the city looks. So what better way to beautify the city than to get the community involved?

That’s the idea behind the City of Norfolk’s new Community Beautification Task Force. Mayor Josh Moenning says it’s a quality of life issue.

“It’s about taking pride in how we look, how we appear, how we appear to ourselves, how we appear to others,” Moenning said. “I think a lot of it is about youth retention and instilling that sense of community pride in our youth.”

The task force will look at the city’s master landscape plan, which was passed by the City Council in 2009 but was pushed down the priority list, and decide how to implement it. The 10-12 citizens will decide where the city should start, how it should handle the improvements and determine the best way to dedicate city resources.

Moenning says it’s important that citizens give input.

“It’s our community so everyone has a voice,” Moenning said. “I’m encouraging anyone who has interest in bettering the community come forward and be part of this group.”

Moenning guesses the committee will look at major corridors first, maybe dot some trees around the Highway 81 and 275 intersection and introduce more trees south of Pasewalk Avenue.

The task force will meet about once a month over the next 12 years to escort the city through the landscape plan. Applications can be found at City Hall or on the City’s website.