No Serious Injuries in Attempted Murder of Wahoo Police Officer

No Serious Injuries in Attempted Murder of Wahoo Police Officer
Photo credit: Saunders County Sheriff's Office NE via Facebook.

WAHOO – No serious injuries were sustained by either police or the assailant after a local man attempted to kill police officers responding to a domestic dispute at his Wahoo home.

It was just before 7PM when police were dispatched to the 2nd street neighborhood in Wahoo to assist in diffusing an ongoing domestic dispute. When police arrived, a 60-year old man, as yet unnamed, confronted the officers. He climbed into his semi, and attempted to run the police officers down. One officer, in the direct path of the truck, dove behind a tree for cover. The semi struck two police cruisers with enough force to propel all three vehicles into the yard of another property. Both police vehicles were totaled.

Photo credit: Saunders County Sheriff’s Office NE via Facebook.

Then, the man exited the semi, brandishing a baseball bat and continuing to threaten officers. He was taken into custody without serious injury shortly after.

The unnamed man will face charges of Attempted Murder of a Police Officer, 2nd Degree Assault of a Police Officer, 2 counts of Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony, and 2 counts of Criminal Mischief Over $5,000.

One officer was treated for injuries at the scene and released. No injuries to the assailant were reported.

Photos courtesy of Saunders County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook.