No Alarming Increases in Criminal Offense Totals for 2016

FREMONT – There were nearly one hundred more criminal offenses handled by Fremont police last year than in 2015.

According to the Fremont Police Department’s Annual Report for 2016, the department handled 4,708 criminal offenses compared to 4,611 in 2015. There were significant decreases in the totals of offenses for murder/manslaughter, felony assaults, forgery, stolen property, minor in possession, weapon law violations, and liquor violations.

Lt. Ed Watts with the Fremont Police Department says one crime that saw a bit of an increase last year is one that often fluctuates.

“The most substantial increase that we saw were larcenies and thefts from motor vehicles,” said Lt. Watts. “It’s a property crime and it tends to be seasonal. For example, we tend to see more of those crimes in the summer. That’s when there’s more people out and about at night. But then during the winter time, it tends to decrease or remain the same.”

Lt. Watts states some of the numbers on the charts in the report can seem like large increases or decreases compared to previous years. He says none of the numbers in the report are considered alarming.

“We go through periods where we’ll see a lot of one crime, and then we’ll go through a period where that crime doesn’t seem to happen, but another crime will occur,” said Lt. Watts. “For example, like I said before, cars being broken into in the summer time. So it may seem like we’re seeing a lot of one crime, but at the end of the year when we look at the numbers there doesn’t really seem to be a dramatic increase in any of the crimes.”

There were significant increases in 2016 for the crimes of robbery, arson, auto theft, and criminal trespassing. The full report can be found online at