New Veramaris Alternative Feed Facility Open in Blair

BLAIR – Algae oil maker Veramaris has opened a $200M facility in Blair. The company says that this new facility will produce nutritive oil containing omega-3 that will serve as an alternative to conventional fish oil.

Veramaris, a joint venture between German specialty chemical giant Evonik Industries and Dutch nutrition conglomerate Royal DSM, said in a press release that the oil is produced by growing the marine algae strain Schizochytrium at industrial scale in bio-reactors. The oil produced is rich in both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and will produce roughly 15% of the current annual demand for those two fatty acids, the company has said.

The supplemental oil will be used to feed farm raised salmon, enriching their meat. The byproduct algae will be used for animal feed. The new plant will be located adjacent to Evonik’s current facility on Cargill’s site, with access to the raw materials needed to produce the oil, the company said. The new venture will employ 15 additional personnel in Blair.