New information from Three Rivers Public Health


In light of the expanding COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to keep the public safe, we encourage strict social distancing to stop of the spread of COVID-19 and offer the following additional recommendations to citizens in our service area.

Business places in all sectors are recommended to immediately implement the following:

  • Post a sign on the door that disallows anyone with fever, cough, and/or sore throat.
  • Discourage workers with underlying medical conditions from coming to work.
  • Avoid using public restrooms to the highest extent possible. Business places, should consider closing restrooms to the public for this reason.
  • Frequent disinfection of surfaces in business places—including counter tops, pens, debit card machines, cash register buttons, door handles/knobs. This should occur multiple times per day.
  • Those handling money, insurance cards or payment cards, consider wearing gloves to protect from contaminated money, or strict use hand sanitizer between each transaction. Moving to checks or online pay is even better in that it limits the back and forth exchanges from cashier to customer. Debit/credit cards, cash, and coins and debit/credit card machines all spread germs.
  • Have a strict handwashing policy for all workers, which requires washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Below are additional measures based upon questions that we are receiving into our office:

  • Gas Stations– When getting gas, pay at the pump and carry anti-bacterial wipes to clean the handle of the gas pump and wipe the key pad off. Limit people inside the store no more than 10 customers at a time. Close the dining or seating areas within gas stations.
  • For food warmers (pizza, fried food, hot sandwiches, etc.) or food display cases (donuts, cookies, etc.) discontinue the use of those and have staff serve these foods to customers directly.
  • Pharmacies– Encourage drive-thru only or delivery. Encourage 90-day supplies, if allowed.
  • Banks– Encourage online banking to the highest extent possible. Convert to drive-thru only and close lobbies. Tellers should wear gloves to protect themselves from contaminated money. Other banking services, conduct by appointment only.
  • Food-based businesses– consider going to drive-thru, curbside pick-up, or delivery. Close the dining room. For delivery orders, the use of hand sanitizer before delivery and immediately following delivery is recommended to help prevent the spread of disease.
    • For food warmers (pizza, fried food, hot sandwiches, etc.) or food display cases (donuts, cookies, etc.) discontinue the use of those and have staff serve these foods to customers directly.
  • Miscellaneous Businesses – It is recommended that businesses that provide products / services that are not “truly essential” at this time consider closing temporarily, moving to online only interactions, and/or rescheduling appointments to comply with the social distancing to the highest extent possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in proactively assisting us in keeping our most vulnerable population safe. Should you have any questions, please call our office at 402-727-5396.


This guidance is being provided to you due to the increasing number of questions that we are getting in regard to individuals who have traveled internationally and domestically, as well as from workplaces with questions regarding traveling employees. These updated guidelines (3/22/2020) are Three Rivers Public Health Department’s recommendation for individuals and businesses within our three-county service area: Dodge, Saunders and Washington Counties.


International Travel:

People returning from any international travel, are recommended to self-quarantine for 14 days. Those areas deemed “Level 3: Avoid Nonessential Travel” are updated daily on the CDC’s website: However, due to the number of countries being added to the list each day, it is our recommendation that all people returning from International travel self-quarantine for 14 days after returning home. These individuals should remain home, practice social distancing and self-monitor for symptoms.


Domestic Travel:

Residents returning from travel outside the State of Nebraska who utilized public transportation (air, train, bus, etc.) should limit public interactions, practice strict social distancing, self-monitor for symptoms and self-quarantine, if feasible.

It is strongly advised that individuals limit travel to work and home ONLY and minimal necessary stop(s) for needed supplies (such as groceries, pharmacy, gas station). Non-essential travel should not occur at this time.


For Employers and Employees of all sectors:

If any individual, regardless of their travel history, develops symptoms while at work (e.g. fever or respiratory symptoms), he or she should immediately remove themselves from the workplace and stay home (self-isolate). If symptoms are mild, care for yourself at home and self-isolate until 7 days after symptom onset and until you are 72 hours symptom free. Symptom free means that there are no lingering symptoms AND no medications are being taken to suppress fever or cough. Report to a medical provider if symptoms are severe or medical attention is needed (call ahead before reporting to your provider).

Please note that this guidance may change without notice as the outbreak unfolds. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 402-727-5396).