New Breach at Rod & Gun Club; Water Level Expected to Rise Near CR19

New Breach at Rod & Gun Club; Water Level Expected to Rise Near CR19
Repair and reinforcement of the breach in the Rod & Gun Club was nearly complete on Thursday afternoon, when the river broke through in a new place. Work on the new breach and to reinforce the original breach will be carried out on Friday. Photo credit: Judy Getzschman

FREMONT – Water levels have dropped considerably at County Road 19 all day long, and the rate of flow had slowed significantly. Now, a new breach in the Rod & Gun Club is allowing water to flow through once more.

The jetty and breach filling project inside the west end Rod & Gun Club was nearly complete just after 4:30PM. They have filled the original breach, according to Mayor Scott Getzschman, “with rock and then dirt over top of that, and then tomorrow they can reinforce it.”

Unfortunately, complications arose just as the original breach came under control. About 100 feet east of the jetty project and original breach, the river broke through in a new spot. The Platte is flowing into the Rod & Gun Club again as of 5PM, and the water level near County Road 19 will rise again overnight tonight. Getzschman says they will be actively monitoring that water level, and that new breach will be worked on tomorrow. Getzschman said that the goal is to make sure the jetty and breach fills can withstand the flow of water that may come down with this weekend’s warm temperatures.

“There’s always some good with the bad,” he remarked, “and the flow of water into the field near Timberwood is probably part of what’s reducing the flow into the Rod & Gun Club and allowing them [the repair crew] to make good progress.”

There are 21 homes on Timberwood Lake, which is under a voluntary evacuation order due to water flowing over the road. No homes are expected to be impacted, and the water is not reaching Timberwood Lake itself.

Getzschman thanked the Fremont Rural Fire Department for their service in assisting those residents at Timberwood Lake who evacuated under that voluntary order, saying, “I want to say thank you to Fremont Rural for their service, and all of the firefighters who came down to help people get their pets out, medications out, help the residents get out if they wanted to.” That evacuation action was completed, with about half of the residents choosing to shelter in place.

Water continues to flow over Timberwood Drive. “There’s a large field north of Timberwood Lake, about 120 acres probably, before [the water] gets to the cutoff ditch,” said Getzschman. “It’s called Meadow Lake – that will fill up. There’s ample room for that to happen.”

The river is shifting, likely due to the sunshine and rising temperatures. The ice jam was moving for a short time this afternoon, before stalling again near Cedar Lakes and causing some lowland flooding there.

Getzschman also remarked that the Hexagon Helicopter is out on the river, attempting to break up some of the ice. “It’s had a little bit of successes, but its also had some challenges,” he said.

“The key thing is to keep everybody safe, and so far, I think that’s happening,” Getzschman concluded.