NENCAP Provides Back to School Immunizations to All Children

FREMONT – It’s that time of year again! As summer slips away, parents are busy making sure children are ready for the upcoming school year.  Physicals, dental screens, vision screens, and Immunizations are common needs before the new school year.

This year, all the recommended back-to-school vaccines will be available at Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership, Inc. (NENCAP) offices.  Among the recommended vaccines for Kindergarten age is DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis-Whooping Cough), Polio, Varicella (Chicken Pox), and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella).  If your child is 11-12 years old they are eligible to receive the Tdap, Meningitus, and Gardasil 9 vaccines.  NENCAP serves all individuals, including those who have insurance, have Medicaid or have no insurance.

The Gardasil 9 vaccine is a step up from the previous Gardasil vaccine.  This vaccine now protects against 9 strains of the human papilloma virus instead of 7.  This virus is the known cause of several cancers including cervical cancer.   The current coverage rate in the United States for Gardasil 9 is a low 43%, while other countries have coverage rates of 75% or higher!  With Gardasil 9, 93% of HPV caused cervical cancers can be prevented if your child is fully vaccinated!  This vaccine is recommended for boys and girls and is a 2-dose series when started at 11-12 years old.  Use this time of year as the perfect opportunity to talk to your doctor about your child becoming one less that may be affected by the HPV virus.

NENCAP serves over 10,000 clients a year with programs such as: Head Start, Early Head Start, WIC, Immunization, Healthy Families, Weatherization, Family Services, free tax preparation, car seat program, Veteran Services, Commodity Supplemental Food Program and food pantries. NENCAP’s mission statement is, “People helping people; empowering individuals, strengthening families and enriching communities in Northeast Nebraska.”

To schedule an appointment or for additional questions please call our Central Office at 402-385-6300.