Neighbors Helping Neighbors

NORFOLK – After the flooding that plagued most of Northeastern Nebraska moved into Norfolk, City officials declared an evacuation zone for around half of the city, causing hundreds to seek shelter from the rising water.

Three of them were Norfolk Catholic School, Lutheran High Northeast, Bel Air Elementary each taking in people from inside the town and the surrounding counties.

Dr. Don Ridder, Principal of Norfolk Catholic School went into action as soon as he heard the news.

“I got a call this morning about a quarter to seven and said hey can we use your place and I said you bet. Fifteen minutes later we had our doors open, I made a bunch of calls, got notes out to people and pretty soon people were just flocking in, helping out.” Ridder says.

Ridder says he is happy to help those in need in this difficult time.

“There’s like four different shelters in town and we’re one of the four. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to open our doors and allow people who lose everything; the water in the basement into their house and they have to quickly evacuate.”

Volunteer Coordinator Craig Risor spent the day organizing and transporting supplies to these shelters and says that he has seen neighbors helping neighbors.

“I just want to thank the community for everything that we’ve done. We’ve had more volunteers than what we need and I mean people are willing to do anything to help out.”

Although it’s unclear exactly when people affected by the flooding will get to return to their homes; one thing is certain, they will have the whole community for support.