Nebraska’s First Bigfoot Museum Opening in Hastings This Month

HASTINGS –  The first and only Bigfoot museum in Nebraska will host a grand opening on September 12th Hastings, and the public is invited to come and solve the mystery of Bigfoot for themselves.

Several interactive exhibits, talks and research items will be on hand, plus stories and testimonies from Harriett McFeely, Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum’s owner. McFeely is also the organizer of the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference, an annual Hastings event that draws Bigfoot believers from all over the region.

Harriett’s main goal is to bring further knowledge and appreciation of this “unique species” to all Bigfoot believers and non-believers. Since Hastings is located in central Nebraska, along the I-80 and Hwy 281 intersection, McFeely called her museum the Nebraska Bigfoot Crossroad of America.

The Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum is handicap accessible and appropriate for all ages, and will offer something to both skeptics and believers alike.

Exhibits include:

  • Photos, elongated skulls, hand and footprint casts
  • A “Killing Field”
  • Visit our “Bone Room” and “Patty and Sassy’s Home”
  • Authentic Bigfoot “talking” recordings

Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum’s grand opening will be Wednesday, September 12th at 10:30AM. The museum will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10A-4:30P and Sundays from 1P to 4:30.