Nebraska State Fair Discovers Suspicious Activity in Internal Finances

GRAND ISLAND – The State Fair Board of Directors disclosed the fact that they’ve discovered some suspicious transactions in their financial records, and they’re launching an investigation.

As part of an internal review of State Fair finances, the staff discovered activity that is suspicious in nature and warrants further investigation. The Nebraska State Fair Board reports that they’ve alerted “all appropriate state agencies, who are coordinating further investigation.”

Additionally, the Board of Directors has engaged a private firm to conduct further forensic review of the State Fair’s banking and financial transactions.

“This process will take time, not only to complete the investigation, but also to analyze the results,” according to Board Chair, Beth Smith. “The Board is cooperating fully with the investigation, closely monitoring the Fair’s finances, and will provide updates to the public as appropriate.”

The Board of Director will introduce new safeguards, and states that they are confident this investigation will have no negative effect on preparations for the 2020 Nebraska State Fair.