Nebraska Has Yet to Reach Peak of Flu Season

FREMONT – While many cities in the United States have reached their peak of the flu season the same can’t be said for Nebraska.

According to Executive Director of Three Rivers Public Health Department Terra Uhing while there have been fewer cases being reported to them it is still a widespread issue in Nebraska.

“We are still seeing quite a bit of the flu. It seems to have decreased just a little bit, based on the number of calls we receive regarding flu symptoms,” explained Uhing. “Just from February 1st through February 9th, we have had 26 lab confirmed Influenza A cases and 17 lab confirmed Influenza B cases.”

Uhing expects the flu season in Nebraska to continue for a few more weeks due to the irregular yet high amount of flu cases in the state. Schools in the state are also seeing an impact as many students are being sent home with flu-like symptoms and others are calling in sick.

Fremont High School had an average of 28 students miss school this week due to the flu and flu-like symptoms. Principal at Bergan Catholic School Dan Koenig says while they have had many students fall ill with the flu, it hasn’t been as serious as it has in the past.

“I do know that we have had a fair amount of students ill,” said Koenig. “We got hit hard last January a year ago. And so we’re not having as severe a situation as that, especially at the elementary. But I do know that our experience we had last year kind of prepared us for this year. We’re making sure we’re meeting all of the students’ learning needs due to absences and things of that nature.”

If you are diagnosed within 48 hours some doctors are recommending Tamiflu as a treatment option. It’s also recommended anyone with flu-like symptoms visit their doctor right away, as many who have waited have ended up in the hospital.