Nebraska College and Mississippi State Plan Poultry Science Program

FREMONT – Leaders from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) and Mississippi State University (MUS) have signed a cooperative agreement to train workforce entrants for Nebraska’s growing poultry industry.

Currently there is no poultry science degree program in Nebraska, and MSU’s program is one of six nationally to offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. With the new cooperative agreement, the program will include three semesters at NCTA in Curtis, Nebraska and a semester at MSU’s Department of Poultry Science.

Nebraska is looking at an expansion of their poultry industry with additions to existing operations in eastern and central Nebraska, and new facilities in Grand Island and Fremont.

With the construction of the Costco plant in Fremont continuing at a steady pace, having an educational program which offers college degrees and technical expertise in commercial poultry operations can only be beneficial. Jessica Kolterman with External Affairs at Lincoln Premium Poultry says the company is excited for the future this agreement will have on the industry here in Nebraska.

“We’re excited for this new partnership and the positive impact it will have on Nebraska industry,” said Kolterman. “We also congratulate both institutions on their innovative collaboration.”

The new program is slated to begin this fall. Upon completion of the program, students have the option to enter the workforce or further their education at the UNL animal science department or MSU’s poultry science department.