Nebraska 6th, 7th & 8th Graders Invited to Participate in PSA Contest

LINCOLN – The winter severe weather season is quickly approaching and the state of Nebraska wants area school kids to write, draw or otherwise produce their next PSA.

“The purpose of the PSA contest is to receive a variety of multimedia products from sixth through eighth grade students,” said Jodie Fawl, public information officer for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. Projects that promote preparedness, storm readiness, tornado safety, fire safety or other emergency topics will be accepted.

The PSA contest is open to all sixth, seventh and eighth grade media classes in public and private schools and combined home school students. Infograms, short videos (3-5 minutes) and audio PSAs (30 sec. to 1 min.) can feature anything regarding preparedness including home fire safety, home disaster preparedness (kits, plans, drills), safety tips for severe weather (tornadoes, severe winter weather, lightning, flooding)

The winning class infogram will receive $100, the winning class PSA will receive $250, and the winning class short video will receive $500. The prizes will be awarded to the teacher for use in the classroom.

Contest rules are as follows:

  1. The contest is open to all sixth, seventh and eighth media classes in public and private schools along with combined home school students in Nebraska. Please one entry per category per school.
  2. Entries must be related to the theme of severe weather safety/preparedness and will be judged on originality, effort and accuracy. Entries may be a 30-60 sec. video PSA (mp4, etc) or 30-60 second PSA (wav, mp3) Instructional video 2-5 minutes (mp4, etc.) or digital image ensemble, Facebook cover image, educational infographic, etc. (jpg, png, etc)
  3. Each school is encouraged to conduct the contest. All submissions are to be made electronically to by November 19, 2018. Files can be zipped or sent individually.  All submissions become the property of NAEM upon submission.

The contest is sponsored by Nebraska Association of Emergency Management, the National Weather Service and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.

Download a copy of the rules & complete information here!