NDE Releases State Assessment Scores

FREMONT – The Nebraska Department of Education recently released state assessment data to the public.

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning at Fremont Public Schools Kate Heineman broke down the data concerning the school district and how they compare to the state. She says they look at two different types of data, one of which is what’s called accountability data.

“Accountability data is always set to a single set of standards,” explained Heineman. “In other words, the standards are fixed at that grade level. So sixth graders take an assessment only about six grade standards. It doesn’t go above those standards and it doesn’t go below them to find out where a student is at. It’s just strictly about those standards. And that’s what NeSA is.”

Students in grades 3-8 in the school district took the NeSA English Language Arts assessment in 2017. Of the 1,990 students who took the assessment, an average of 9% exceeded their grade level standard, an average of 29% were on the standard, and 62% were below the standard.

For the math, 2,002 students in the Fremont Public Schools district took the NeSA assessment. An average of 40% of the students were below their grade level standard, 45% were on the standard level, and 15% of the students exceeded the standard.

Only students in grades 5 and 8 took the NeSA assessment for science. There was a total of 695 students in the district who took the assessment for 2017. Just 33% of the students were below their grade level standard, 45% met their grade level standard, and 22% of the students exceeded their standard.

Heineman says with this recent accountability data, the district and its teachers will be able to review their own programs and lessons and adapt.

“What this data does is it helps us take a look at our curriculum and instructional offerings,” said Heineman. “We question what we can change or what we need to look at to help take students to the next level.”

A full presentation containing the results and comparisons of the recently released assessments will be given at the FPS Board of Education’s next meeting on Monday, December 11th.