Mosquitoes, Hybrid Cars & Train Alert Apps: City News with Brian Newton

Monday’s interview with Brian Newton, Fremont City Administrator, was wide-ranging, covering topics like mosquito spraying, new hybrid cars and housing developments.

With the 4-H Fair (Expo) and John C. Fremont Days upon us, Bob Flittie wondered if the City would be spraying for mosquitoes. Brian said yes:


Last week, Fremont took delivery of five (5) new plug-in hybrid cars to be used by City department.  Brian Newton talked about the cost savings for the city:


Last winter, a professor from Texas Tech came to Fremont to help set up a system to monitor blocked railroad intersections, which would be able to alert motorists, who could chose alternate routes. The system is almost ready to unveil publicly as an “App,”  but needs final approval from the Texas professor/developer.



Tuesday night’s City Council meeting includes a public hearing and vote on the Final Plat for the Sunridge Place housing development.  Brian Newton says that the Drainage and Traffic studies have been finished. (Note: his reference to “this morning” means Monday morning, July 9th, 2018.)

Newton also says the property “drains well”