Midland University eSports Team Will Challenge Local Celebrities at New eSports Arena

FREMONT – Midland University is hosting a fun event to show off their new eSports Arena.

Midland University has had an eSports team for two years now, but this year their team finally has their own arena. To celebrate the unveiling of the new eSports arena, the university is hosting an eSports challenge with their team and local celebrities, such as KHUB and KFMT’s own Chris Walz and Rich Ray. Communications Content Manager with the university, Tracy Buffington says the challenge will include a classic game that everyone knows.

“Last year they were kind of tucked into a corner of a basement in Olson Student Center while we worked on a new arena for them. And to show off the new arena we wanted to do something fun,” said Buffington. “So we’re having a Pac-Man Challenge. We are taking some local celebrities and they’ll compete with some of our eSports team members and playing Pac-Man.”

Buffington says since starting the eSports team in the summer of 2016, the university knew they wanted to have an arena, but didn’t have the time to immediately get it built.

“We just didn’t have, in the time we announced the team to the time they started playing, the time to actually get that all put together. So we knew that we wanted to have a place where they were able to sit any communicate with each other in an easy fashion,” said Buffington. “To have the right lighting, the right computers, and the right chairs, and all of those things to really help them compete on the level that we’d like to see them compete.”

The Pac-Man Playoff Challenge will begin at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11th at the Midland University Olson Student Center. The center is located at 900 N. Clarkson Street.