Midland U Launches COVID-19 Response Fund to Support 65 Quarantined Students

FREMONT – On February 29th, 65 Midland University students, including 63 members of the Warriors football team, volunteered to assist with a Special Olympics basketball tournament at the Fremont YMCA. One of the Special Olympics participants has since been reported to be Nebraska’s first case of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As a result, those 65 students involved in the tournament as volunteers are currently under self-quarantine through Saturday, March 14th. This means that these students are not able to leave their rooms, except to use the restroom, until that self-quarantine period expires. “We understand that this will be a difficult time for them,” said the University in a press release, “and we are prepared to help support them through the various challenges. In order to make these students’ time in the self-quarantine minimally disruptive, we are asking for additional support from the Midland and Fremont community.”

These students will not have access to the amenities or common comforts they are used to, or the opportunity to earn wages this week. For this reason, Midland has launched the COVID-19 Response Fund, through which the community and alumni can make donations toward gift cards, supplies and other needed items to support the quarantined students.

If you are interested donating to the Support a Warrior fund, please visit: midlandu.edu/supportawarrior.