Midland Invites Audiences to Pay a Call On the Addams Family

FREMONT – Midland University is presenting the creepy, kooky, and a little spooky production of “The Addams Family” Broadway musical.

The musical will open on Thursday and run through Sunday at the Kimmel Theatre. The outrageous musical tells a story about the unique and mysterious Addams family. Communications Content Manager with the university Tracy Buffington says this is not the average American family, and they’re going to experience some challenges to their way of life.

“The Addams family are not your normal neighbors. These are folks who for generations have lived a little bit on the darker side,” said Buffington. “This generation is led by Gomez and Morticia, and they would like to keep their culture alive. And they’re facing some changes in this musical that they’re just going to have to figure out.”

The musical is about the Addams children Wednesday and Pugsley and how they are growing up. Gomez and Morticia love their dark-hearted daughter, but things get awkward when she falls in love with a sweet and normal boy. To make matters worse, Wednesday has invited the love of her life Lucas Beineke and his horribly normal family to dinner.

In one hilarious evening secrets are revealed, relationships are tested, and the Addams family must face the one thing they’ve resisted for generations: change. Buffington says for those familiar with the kooky family, this story will also capture the ghoulish fun of the old comic strips.

“Most folks are going to be familiar with “The Addams Family” television show. The musical isn’t based solely on the show. It’s based more off of the classic cartoon strips that were done by Charles Addams as opposed to just the show,” said Buffington. “While you may know the characters, this story is one that you’ve never seen before.”

Curtain time will be at 7:30 p.m. for the productions Thursday through Saturday, with a 2 p.m. show on Sunday. Tickets are available online at www.midlandu.edu/tickets, or by calling the Midland box office at (402) 941-6399.