Midland Creates 1:1 Partnership With Apple for Students

FREMONT – Midland University students will enjoy a lot of upgrades and opportunities as part of their college experience, and a new perk has just been announced.

Beginning fall of 2019, every full-time, undergraduate Midland student at the Fremont location will receive an Apple iPad and Apple Pencil. The devices will be provided at no cost to students and considered part of their Midland education, thanks in part to generous donor support. Faculty and select staff members will also be issued devices and begin training in January.

“Earning a college education is an incredible opportunity,” said Jody Horner, Midland University President. “We know that students come from a variety of backgrounds and their access to technology varies. Our goal with this program is to ensure all students have the technological tools to succeed.”

Removing the constraints of the typical classroom, Midland students will have the ability to utilize the iPad devices to access learning resources and recreational applications from anywhere. Additional program benefits include personalized learning, improved collaboration, enhanced technological and digital fluency, greater connectivity and mobility, as well as better preparation for success in an increasingly digital world.

The new program is part of Midland’s ambition to achieve recognition as the first “Apple Distinguished” university in Nebraska. Apple Distinguished schools are recognized by the technology monolith as some of the most innovative, competitive schools in the world.