Man Arrested for Restaurant Burglary, Waving Gun at Businesses

COLUMBUS – A man is facing multiple felonies after burglarizing a local restaurant, and firing a gun in the parking lot of a business.

In early May, Warren Criswell, , is alleged to have broken into a restaurant on Howard Boulevard, and stolen $140 in cash and a digital scale. Criswell was identified by his tattoos and clothes from a surveillance video, after a failed effort to conceal his identity through the use of a smoke producing firework, said authorities in an affidavit.

Criswell is also facing charges in a second case for waving, what turned out to be a BB gun, at several local residents and inside businesses, said police.  Police say they have recently received several reports of Criswell pulling out a toy gun at two separate businesses, as well as pointing it at a person who was driving.

Most recently, Criswell is alleged to have stood in the parking lot of a gas station on Howard Boulevard, where he fired off 4 shots and pointed a gun at local residents, says an affidavit. Police say they served a search warrant at Criswell’s residence, and found a BB gun.

Criswell is facing a burglary charge, and two charges for terroristic threats, says court records.