Local teen takes on American Ninja Warrior

West Point, NE – A local 19-year-old took her talents all the way from Nebraska to Oklahoma City to compete on NBC’s popular television show, American Ninja Warrior.

The Nebraska native, Leigh Jahnke, showed off her skills on Monday night in front of family and friends at The West Point Community Theatre for her viewing party.

Other locals from West Point came out to show their support.

Her Dad, Terry Jahnke, explained his excitement about the night.

“It was great to see so many family friends and so many people from the community, some people I didn’t really know that well, to come and support her and enjoy West Point’s moment of fame.”

Leigh was accompanied on the show by her Father and Grandmother who watched her make it all the way to the third obstacle course which is further than most went on the episode.

Leigh set a record on the show as the first 19-year-old woman to make it to the third obstacle.

For those that know her use a common word to describe her: determined.

Her elementary school teacher, Marlene Wiechman, has known Leigh since she was around eight years old.

“She never flaunts her talents, but she’s determined…she’s focused. She knows what she’s going to do and no one’s going to stop her…I mean she’s bound determined she’s going to go back and do better.”

Even though Leigh didn’t make it all the way to the end this time, she says she’s going to continue to train and prepare for next year’s competition in hopes to make it further.