Local Students Ask the Tough Questions with Attorney General in Town **VIDEO**

FREMONT – A group of Fremont High School students were given the opportunity to ask the difficult questions during the Attorney General’s mobile office hours in Fremont.

Attorney General Doug Peterson held his mobile office hours in Fremont on Thursday. The mobile office was held at the Fremont Friendship Center. The Attorney General had a full schedule in Fremont between meeting with residents and answering their questions and concerns, meeting with public officials and law enforcement, and informing the public on how to protect themselves and their identities.

But before all of that, Attorney General Doug Peterson made a stop at Fremont High School to speak with the school’s social studies classes. Students met the Attorney General in the Auditorium where he covered a wide range of topics from state issues to national policies. Principal Scott Jensen says it was a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear from him in person.

“I think it was a great opportunity for our students. It was excellent for our social studies classes to get the chance to hear from one of his stature and his position,” said Jensen. “You don’t have that every day. For him to come and speak to schools is a really great opportunity for our kids.”

Attorney General Doug Peterson spoke to the students about some heavy topics. He covered the issues and facts regarding human trafficking, drugs, immigration, and the current balance of power in the branches of the federal government. Jensen says these topics were all brought up by questions submitted by the students.

“The students were able to ask questions of him. They gave the questions and the Attorney General didn’t duck any of them,” said Jensen. “They were very tough questions. He came and he answered them. He talked about the Dreamers Act, drug abuse, and a lot of different tough topics. I think it was very informative for our students.”

No matter what the topic of discussion was, Attorney General Doug Peterson always stressed one thing to the students. He claimed he always wanted young people, and all people, to be informed and never deceived. He encouraged the students to do their own research and look into both sides of an issue.