Local Police Warning Public of Scam Caller Spoofing DCSO, FPD Phone Numbers

FREMONT – The Dodge County Sheriff & Fremont Police Department would like to make the public aware of a sophisticated scam making the rounds today where the caller has “spoofed” these agencies phone numbers and caller IDs.

Spoofing is the act of disguising a communication from an unknown source as though it’s from known, trusted source. In this case, the scam artists are disguising their call from a hidden number with the actual Sheriff’s Office or FPD phone number and caller ID. The scammer then tells the recipient of the call that they “missed jury duty” and that they have a warrant out for their arrest. The scammer then assures the recipient of the call that they can secure their freedom with a payment of $2,000, cash or card.

“This is a scam,” says Dodge County Sheriff Steve Hespen. “We’ve received three people in our office already today responding to or reporting this scam.” One woman showed up to the Sheriff’s office with $2,000 in cash and an additional $2,000 in VISA gift cards.

The Fremont Police echoed this sentiment. “The police department wants to remind you that we will never call you demanding payment, in any form, to avoid a criminal charge or arrest,” said Lt. Ed Watts.

Even though your caller ID may read “Sheriff” or Fremont Police Department, and the phone numbers may be real, this threat is not. Please do not withdraw cash or purchase gift cards for this amount. Instead, hang up on the caller immediately – if you need to make doubly sure there’s no warrant out for your arrest, call the DSCO at (402) 727-2700.