Local Family Finds Partial Skull in Elkhorn River Sandbar

Local Family Finds Partial Skull in Elkhorn River Sandbar
Photo credit: Seth Menking

ARLINGTON – Fun on the water turned up a grisly, if interesting, find for one family last week.

Seth Menking and his son Aiden were digging on a sandbar in the Elkhorn River near Arlington, passing the time on the afternoon of Sunday, October 28th when Aiden struck something solid in the sand. After a quick excavation, the father-son pair discovered what appeared to them to be a human skull fragment buried in the silt.

Menking reported the find to Washington County authorities immediately. Authorities said that the skull fragment would have to be sent for forensic testing to determine whether or not it was human. As of today, that testing is still underway and no results have been made available.

The sandbar in question is a relatively new river feature, created by flooding in spring 2018. The skull fragment could have been in the river previously or buried along the bank and washed into the river with that same flooding.