Local Artist Signs With New Record Label in Town

FREMONT – A new record label in Fremont is working to promote local artists and help them make that hit song.

Dragonfly Record Label was created by partners and entrepreneurs Lauralee Neubauer and Tonnya Figueroa. Their goal is to focus on marketing and promoting their artists and getting their music out to listeners.

One of their artists, Dayna Strong, known as D.Boo on the stage, is a Fremont, Nebraska native. She and Neubauer joined Mike Hogan on the Mike Hogan Show. She says music has always been part of her life, and started singing in her church as a child. D.Boo claims she started performing live and with her own music at Tin Lizzy Tavern, and it made a big impact on the start of her career.

“I think I made a lot of my mistakes there. And Lauralee helped me out a lot ,” said D.Boo. “I really don’t think I’d be where I’m at right now without her. Having that, and having her to help push me along when I was young. Having that, I’m able to do a lot better and be more professional, and not make the same mistakes.”

D.Boo moved to Las Vegas, and has become part of the music and entertainment industry, performing concerts, and also touring across the country and Jamaica. She recently completed her debut album, “Confessions of a Gemini.” D.Boo says after being in the industry and in Las Vegas for a number of years, she thought it was time to finally complete the album.

“I had been gone for about five or six years and I just decided it was time to get it done. And so I went and toured some studios in Vegas, and I found the Tone Factory,” said D. Boo. “It had a really good vibe, and I got along really well with the engineer there. And they’re just really cool people, and we’ve become really good friends over the last two years working on it.”

After completing the album, D.Boo returned to Fremont and signed with Dragonfly Record Label. She says she wanted to come back so people could see how she’s grown, and because there’s no support like hometown support.

“I’ve noticed no matter where I go, whether it’s California, or Arizona, or Vegas, or wherever, there’s no support like hometown support,” said D.Boo. “And I always get a lot of love when I come back. And it’s really nice to have everyone see the progression, and how much I’ve matured not only as a person but in my music. And to have people recognize that is really an un-describable feeling.”

D.Boo will also be taking part on a new national TV series, “Rising Divas,” and is also working on her second album. Dragonfly Record Label will be back with other new upcoming local musicians on KHUB, so stay tuned to hear more from their big artists. You can also listen to the full interview with D.Boo and listen to her sing live by going to 1340KHUB.com and thebestmix1055.com and clicking on Podcasts.