LISTEN: Mayor Getzschman & City Administrator Brian Newton

LISTEN: Mayor Getzschman & City Administrator Brian Newton
Aerial shot of the Platte River Bridge on South Highway 77. Looking Northwest upstream.

FREMONT – City officials have issued statements regarding water, electricity and the flooding throughout town.

First, Mayor Getzschman describes the situation in Fremont as “critical.” Water has made its way up to the viaduct on South Broad street. Sandbags have been laid in many locations. A dike has been breaches to the west of Fremont out toward the State Lakess. Water is filling the state lakes, and this could cause problems. The city and county are still working hard to shore up the Cut Off ditch. LISTEN:

Mayor Getzschman does describe this event as historic:

As far as power in Fremont, the grid is stable for now, and we’re even providing power to our neighboring cities like North Bend and Schuyler. Water and sewer are also fully operational and stable:

City Administrator Brian Newton also gave us an update, and went into more detail about the entire operation that has taken place today to build up the south Fremont levee. Big Island and Victory Lake areas should evacuate immediately. The city is also monitoring the Cut Off ditch. There is a barrier across highway 30 near the Cut Off ditch, which is so far preventing the water from entering Fremont. The City will also be closing the ditch where the Rawhide Creek comes under highway 30 in order to keep floodwaters from entering Fremont from the west.


When asked if there is any truth to the rumors that water is contaminated, Brian said, “That is not true.” Water, sewer and utilities are all fine in Fremont, as of 5:45PM on Friday, March 15th.

We asked Brian if the river has crested. He said, “Not yet.”