Library Expansion Plan on Bond Issue: Plans & Pictures

Library Expansion Plan on Bond Issue: Plans & Pictures
An artist's rendition of the fully renovated library from the outside.

FREMONT – The Keene Memorial Library is in need of an expansion in order to serve the community better than ever before. On May 15th, Fremont voters will decide whether or not to approve a $2 million dollar bond that will help the library reach this goal.

The plans include a wide bank of windows to open up the library, visually, and allow in more natural light. The new floor plan will allow for improved security and make it easier for groups to keep track of each other – open sight lines between sections and services will create fewer blind spots for both parents and security. The stacks will be significantly lowered to keep these sight lines intact, and to make it easier for patrons to reach all materials.

The new design will also provide easier navigation of different sections and service waypoints, and a revamped children’s collection that will be in its own area, but still visually connected to the main library. The restrooms will be updated to become ADA compliant, and the plan adds a children’s/family restroom.

The plan essentially adds a full story to the existing library footprint. This artist’s rendering shows the new addition concept.

The $2 million dollar bond will not cover the entire project, but will give the library a much needed boost.  “The two million would be our jump-start money,” according to Library Director Tina Walker, “and the rest of it would be coming from private funding and grants to fully fund the project.”

 You can view the entire architect’s plan here.