Lake Ogallala Entered in Nationwide ‘Best Park’ Contest

Lake Ogallala Entered in Nationwide ‘Best Park’ Contest
(NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission)

FREMONT – Lake Ogallala is representing Nebraska in a nationwide contest, and the state needs your vote!

In a poll by Take Me Fishing, a national organization dedicated to spreading outdoorsmanship in the next generation, moms in all 50 states voted to select one lake from each state that offers everything a family needs to experience the outdoors. Nebraska’s Lake Ogallala made the list. Now, it’s time for everyone to vote to select the Top 10 Mom-Approved Places to Fish and Boat in the Nation.

Serene and peaceful, Lake Ogallala is a well-known fishing destination, especially for rainbow trout. Anglers can catch yellow perch, channel catfish and the occasional smallmouth bass, too. Shielded from the wind by Kingsley Dam, the lake’s gentle waters make it a favorite with boaters, too. Learn more about Lake Ogallala at our website.
Vote now online to help Lake Ogallala rise in the rankings and make the top 10!

One vote is allowed per day, and voters will be entered to win a family fishing trip to Florida. Make sure to get your votes in by the deadline, June 29!