Krist Chooses Walz for Lieutenant Governor in Bid to Lead Nebraska

FREMONT – Senator Lynne Walz will join state senator Bob Krist on the gubernatorial ticket for Nebraska as his lieutenant governor.

Krist said that Lynne Walz is the best choice to help him lead Nebraska in the right direction. “Most important to me, and for the State of Nebraska, she has heart.”

When asked why she chose to run with Krist as his lieutenant governor, Walz said, “I feel that there need to be some changes in Nebraska. I think that Bob Krist is the guy who’s going to make those changes. He’s the type of person who can work across the aisle, and make compromises. I’m the same type of person.” Walz said their goal will be to move Nebraska forward.

Krist and Walz will tour the state this week, beginning in Fremont tomorrow. They will hold a meet and greet at Milady Coffeehouse at 6th & Park streets tomorrow from 8:30AM to 9:15AM. In the May 15 primary, Krist and Walz will face Democrats Tyler Davis and Vanessa Ward in their bid to win a spot on the final ballot in the fall.


If the Krist-Walz ticket is elected to lead the state, Nebraska will have its first woman in the executive branch of state government since Kim Robak was the lieutenant governor in the 1990s. Nebraska has not had a woman governor since the late 80s: Kay Orr, who served one term.