Krist Asks Ricketts to Agree to Another Debate – KETV on Board to Host

Krist Asks Ricketts to Agree to Another Debate – KETV on Board to Host
Gov. Pete Ricketts, left, and Bob Krist.

LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist today made one final push to get Gov. Pete Ricketts to agree to a second debate. KETV-7 has agreed to host and would include NET and C-SPAN to provide co-coverage broadcasting throughout the state.

Last week, KETV officially invited both campaigns to participate in a televised debate. The station offered any open date or time that would work for both candidates after the Wayne, Nebraska debate famously fell through. Both campaigns blamed one another for failure to “come to the table.” The now proposed KETV debate would be moderated by veteran journalist and KETV anchor Rob McCartney. Questions would come from KETV reporters, and the event itself would be held in their Omaha studio without an audience.

Bob Krist seemed ready to address the public, and his opponent, in a statement released today. “Governor, let’s leave the attorneys and staff out of this. Just pick up the phone and call me. You can reach me on my mobile phone day or night. You have my number, call me,” Krist said.

At the beginning of the campaign season, Governor Ricketts reportedly agreed to three debates. Only one has taken place, in August at the Nebraska State Fair. A second debate was supposed to take place tomorrow, September 21st, and was to be hosted by Wayne Area Economic Development (WAED). That now-dead debate was to be moderated by NET, the public broadcasting affiliate for Nebraska. A third opportunity to debate is now on the table.

“Nebraska voters deserve a fair and open discussion of the most important issues facing our state. Please Governor, just pick up the phone and call me. Let’s get this done,” Krist said.